13 June 2012

Adventures: Eutin Bicycle Gang

Eutin is not too big. And it's not too small. Like that perfect bowl of porridge, it's just right. Large enough that walking from one end to the other (from home to the train station, for example) would take a good 30 or  40 minutes, making it impractical in a morning rush. Small enough that it doesn't make sense for there to be a bus system with more than a couple of stops or in which the buses stop frequently enough for it to be convenient to use on a regular basis. As such, there is really only one solution for carless travelers such as we are: bikes.

What a crew. I'll let this photo speak for itself.
On Sunday we took a little bike trip to get out of the house. First, to a flea market where I bought a book in French. If I can't speak it with anyone I can at least read it, or I will forget it. Then we came back to the house, ate something, had a sing along with Martin and his guitar skills, and then cobbled some bikes together and left for the Eutin water tower in hopes it would be open for climbing. The reason we are walking in the above photo (which I'm not in because I took it) is that there weren't enough working bikes for everyone. We were on our way to my host family's to pick up Sara's bike and my bike had been left downtown. After Sara left, Josh ran along with the bikes like a champ. Or like the president surrounded by secret service.

Eutin seen from the top of the water tower.
The water tower was open, as the above photo evidence proves. After this we wandered towards town to pick up my bike and then ended up getting milkshakes, which were more milk than shake. Like half American-style milkshake and half milk. On the way back we passed the Döner shop and stopped to take more pictures. 

Proper tourists take pictures of everything.

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