03 January 2012

Regretting Something That Never Happened

Do you ever have those dreams that you really believe are happening while you are dreaming them? I don't think I'm talking about lucid dreaming because it doesn't exactly feel real. I mean the dreams that you wake up from slightly surprised that what you just dreamed didn't really happen. Previous examples from my personal experience include dreams where I forgot to do something important or accidentally failed a class. Usually during the dream I reach a point where I realize what has just happened, and then I am as reasonable as possible, deciding to deal with the consequences in the best way I can while wondering how it is that I could have neglected whatever it was that caused the problem in my dream.

I had a dream like that last night. A couple of days ago I decided to participate in a Facebook Sabbatical since I probably waste more time on Facebook than I realize and the idea came up on a blog I was reading. I'm not calling this a New Year's resolution since it's not something I'm trying to do all year. I'm just not going on Facebook for a month (until February 1). In light of this I had a dream that I did go on Facebook without even thinking about it and then after a few minutes I remembered about the Facebook Sabbatical and was dismayed that I could have accidentally logged on to Facebook just out of habit. Of course accidentally getting on Facebook would have had much less severe consequences in my dream world than accidentally failing a class. But I was still glad to realize it had been a dream once I woke up.

Maybe the reason we have these dreams is to alert ourselves to possible mistakes we could make before we make them so that we live more conscientiously and with more awareness of our actions than we might otherwise. I could easily see myself accidentally clicking on the Facebook app link on my Chrome New Tab page, which is why I deleted the link before I started the sabbatical. So far the only urges I have had to get on Facebook have been when I came across an interesting story on the internet that I wanted to share. Now I suppose I will have to share those stories here instead, where I might actually write something about them and think more about them than I would if I were to just post them on Facebook without much preface.

With that, I'm off to enjoy reading a book. Now that I would not consider a waste of time!

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