30 January 2012

Cara Cara

I love grocery store surprises. Like the time I walked into a Hen House with my mom and discovered orange bell peppers on sale for 50 cents each. Sometimes you don't know what a great bargain you are getting until a little later, though.

This week during my regular grocery shopping I decided to stock up on citrus to fight off a cold I could feel slowly making its presence known. They had bags of some kind of oranges I had never heard of for two dollars, which seemed pretty good, so I bought one of the bags. Later when first slicing into one of the oranges I realized I had found something special: Cara Cara pink navel oranges. They not only taste better than normal oranges (almost as good as blood oranges but with less mess), they also have a really nice color.

So that was my fun discovery this week. I also had an interesting time trying to cook with artichokes for the first time and made artichoke soup. I'm still not sure whether I like it or not but maybe it's an acquired taste. Other recipes this week: peanut butter honey oatmeal bread, Italian S-shaped cookies, salt and pepper "cookies," swordfish with spinach, brownies from scratch, improvised fried rice with some random ingredients from my pantry. For me there is no better way to spend a weekend day than in the kitchen whipping up lots of recipes for the week ahead.

Other things I have been enjoying recently:

  • Warm weather: my bike lock has stopped freezing up, but I am kind of wishing for snow, if only to kill off the mosquitoes so they aren't as bad this summer.
  • I really want to make these.
  • An interesting upcycling storyabout finding solutions, which reminded me of Cradle to Cradle on a small scale.
  • Another innovative idea in education.
  • Robert Reich on public institutions.
  • An essay on the quotative "like."

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