23 July 2011

There's no place like home: Homes in Kansas and Elsewhere

My mind is filled with the idea of coming home. It's a feeling of familiarity and a kind of relief at being able to go back to routines you are comfortable with and to see people and buildings and landmarks you have memorized somewhere inside of you. It can even mean relief at hearing a familiar language spoken. Coming back to Switzerland, even for just a week, felt like coming home. I still knew where everything was, I could still remember where to catch which bus and I still loved to look out the train windows and look out at the rolling hills covered with colza and cows. I think it's safe to say Switzerland, especially Fribourg, is a second home to me.

I also had the feeling of coming home when I visited the Tinguelys, whom I lived with for half of my exchange year. The dog seemed to remember me, and I remembered everything about the house. The house even smelled the same. We ate the same food and looked at the same newspaper as a year and a half ago. It was so good to see everyone again too, a bit like seeing my family again after I had been away for a year. We had so much to catch up on--for young people like me and my host sisters, a lot can happen in a year. 

Much can change, but the security of home will always be there, somewhere. Home can even exist in multiple places at once. Right now I miss my home in Fribourg and I am looking forward and anticipating coming home to my family in Kansas City and then to my Watkins / KU family in Lawrence. Riding through the town of Eutin and seeing the familiar places that I have grown to love, I realized that Eutin has slowly become another home to me, one that I will be sad to leave when I board the plane to America in three short weeks.

Lawrence flag outside the Eutiner Rathaus

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  1. It's hard having so many homes, isn't it? Always missing 2 or 3 other places, no matter where you are!! But it's also very beautiful, and this post reminded me of that... thank you :) I just wish I could return to my exchange home! But I am so glad you got the chance to do that!! See you in August :)