23 June 2011

Virtual Tour

I've finally been able to put together a virtual tour for you! Now keep in mind that only 32 of the musicians will live in the house I'm living in now (Bethesda Haus) and I don't have the list of who is living where. So you may or may not live exactly in this house. A few people will live in the hotel itself and a few more in another small house behind the hotel.

Location: All of these places are in the same general area, in Fissau which is right on the south side of the Kellersee. From here it takes about 10 minutes to get into town with a bike and longer to walk. There is a very nice path through the woods between Fissau and Eutin. There will be a bus to take everyone to rehearsals and performances but if anyone wants to go into town at another time it isn't very far on foot and it's quite reasonable with a bike.

Layout: The Bethesda Haus has a basement and three floors. In the basement are a kitchen, dining room, and laundry room. The first floor has a couple of common rooms, one of which has a piano and a small refrigerator. Every floor but the basement has a bathroom with the normal toilet, shower, and sink combination, as well as some bedrooms.

Basement: Here is the laundry room. There are a bunch of refrigerators in there now so I think there will be enough space for everyone's food and drinks. Speaking of drinks, something you might not anticipate is that there is no ice.

Some of the tables and chairs (there are more!) in the dining room.

The kitchen is full of our groceries right now.

First Floor: Here is a photo of one of the common rooms with the piano. It's been tuned and a string has been repaired. It's slowly going back out of tune but I talked to the tuner today and he may stop by again.

Bedrooms: Each bedroom is a little bit different. All of them have bed(s), a sink, and a closet / dresser. Some also have chairs and desks, as the room pictured below.

Outside: The house is pretty awesome, but hopefully there will be nice weather because outside of the house might be even more awesome than inside! There is a grill area and a playground. I don't know about you, but this is way better than TV. I think there is a TV in the house but nobody has tried to use it yet. 

The beautiful view of the Kellersee from a balcony of the Bethesda Haus at sunrise.
Of course if any of you have any questions as you are preparing to come to Eutin this summer, please feel free to contact me either through Facebook or by e-mail (andrea.brown.03@gmail.com).

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