08 June 2011

Open House and House am See

Here's the deal. I'm at the bank now so I don't have my pictures. I'm going to have to do another post in a row without pictures. I realize this is a pretty nefarious move, but I really have no choice. It's either this or skip my second breakfast with my coworkers so I can ride my bike for 20 minutes to get my computer. And it might even rain soon....

However, since it is still pretty early in the morning for most of you (or late at night, depending on how old you are), if I put pictures up this afternoon (my time) both posts will probably be up by the time you are.

Confused yet?

So, last Saturday there was an open house at the opera barn. We Americans were there to provide a musical surprise, as was listed at the bottom of the schedule. It turns out several of us doing the internship have at least some sort of musical skills, and a few played in a jazz group. The idea behind the open house was to reassure Eutin community members that somehow this is all really going to happen and to bump up the level of excitement for the festival. There was a full program, including tours of the opera barn, coffee and cake (which is sort of a standard thing to serve here), small musical performances, and the synopsis of Don Giovanni by Jörg Fallheier with a few piano excerpts to remind people what the "Hits" sound like... of course everyone seemed to generally be familiar with them already. This was done with the audience sitting on the bleachers on the open air stage, which has been added to since I last took pictures.

Another event of interest is that we moved into the house in Fissau that the orchestra will be living in starting in July. It seems as if part of the orchestra will fill up this house, which was recently acquired by the Hotel Seeschloss am Kellersee and used to house nuns, and the rest will live in the hotel itself. Most of the rooms aren't ready yet, but the ones on the first floor were, which is where we are all staying so far. It's a nice house with a very nice view of the Kellersee. Also, and possibly most importantly, there is a playground and a place to grill in the front yard. I'm pretty sure see-saws are about twenty times better than television. Just saying.

There is a piano, which I was initially excited about, although it's not as good as the one in the opera barn. Generally it's okay, but one of the keys doesn't sustain and several of the low notes are quite out of tune. This is okay if you avoid these keys but that can be difficult to do.

More pictures will be on their way.

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