17 June 2011

Community, or I really think this should be a reality show

It's amazing how quickly people can adapt and even forget how things used to be. I remembered today that if I weren't in Eutin this summer I'd probably be working at my old high school job and suffering through the humid Kansas weather. Yet I keep forgetting about this. It almost seems like I've always been here, which is difficult to explain. In fact, I don't understand it at all and I wonder if anyone else even knows what I'm talking about.

Even the small adjustment between living in a host family and living with the other interns in a house happened so quickly and smoothly. We were missing a few things that I would normally have taken for granted. For example we started off with no washing machine, no pans (which forced me to make my quesadilla in the bottom of a giant pot), no can opener, no knives other than a single bread knife. But somehow we managed to make things work without these items (since then we have acquired all of them and they will remain in the house for the use of future occupants, i.e. you, the musicians).

NOTE: As far as I know there are not yet bath towels. If you are living in the Bethesda house this summer you may want to bring one along. I am currently borrowing one from my host family but I don't think they have 32 towels to lend to all of you...although I am not sure if you all know which building you will be living in.

Communal living can be difficult even when there is an existing set of rules and structure. It was not too taxing at the beginning since we all knew each other already, but we had to figure out how to make things work, especially in terms of the kitchen. So we drew up a plan for dinners--we formed four groups of two and split up cooking and cleaning duties. For sharing the costs we decided to keep track of how much everyone had spent for groceries and such and then pay each other back, calling into service the Excel skills that I spent the last semester so carefully cultivating. So far this plan has gone almost seamlessly; at least we have had something to eat every night. Cooking was made slightly more complicated by the presence of two vegans in the group, which is one fourth of the total. That's if you count those of us living in the house. However we usually have to plan for a few guests to show up, which are our German friends and Mark Daly. It has been an adventure for sure.

And my apologies for making another post without photos, but my internet situation is a bit odd. I do have a complicated plan which involves my writing a post offline, bringing my laptop to work so I'll have it during the day, and then going to my host family's house for lunch and copying the post and publishing it with their internet connection. This plan is foolproof but it will not be able to happen until at least Monday since I'll be away this weekend again. This time: Hamburg tour with the interns and Ratzeburg to visit my host family from last summer.

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