14 May 2011

Eutiner Festspiele

I think that the older you get, the more time speeds up. How is it that I haven't posted since January?! Well, finals week is next week and then I'm off to Germany for the summer. I'll be living in Eutin, the sister city of Lawrence, for about three months. I have been selected to participate in the Eutin-Lawrence sister city internship, for which I will be doing something in a bank. Then at the beginning of July, the KU Symphony will be flying over to perform in the Eutin opera festival (Eutiner Festspiele).

The story behind this is actually quite interesting. Last year the festival ran into financial problems, so a group of local businessmen swore to find a way to bring back the festival and came upon the idea of inviting the KU Symphony to play. Phone calls were made and meetings arranged. A delegation of KU music students and faculty went to Eutin to perform a concert, which was a big news story in the area. The following video is the news report from the regional station.

This concert being such a success, the plan moved forward. Now, after having performed Hänsel und Gretel six times for a Lawrence audience, we are rehearsing Don Giovanni and will soon begin to work on other pieces for the opening and closing concerts.

I've heard that there will be internet available where I am staying so once I leave I hope to keep this blog updated with what is going on with my internship and the opera festival. For now, I have to attempt to finish a programming project and study for my physics final. Exciting, right? At least I only have a few days left before I can begin to prepare for this summer's adventure.

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