20 November 2010


Seriously. This has been a long week. And now I'm done with that physics exam, so all I have to do this weekend is write my term paper. Ugh...

But I'm really excited because my friend Katie from Nevada who is going to college in Chicago is coming to visit tomorrow and coming home with me for Thanksgiving because she's too far from Nevada to go back for just a few days. And my roommate from Texas is coming with us for the same reason. So it'll be really fun to show them around Kansas City next week during the holiday.

Monday is another of my roommate's birthdays and we already started celebrating today by going shopping and then ordering pizza, playing Boggle, and eating the cupcakes another two of my roommates made.

If all this talk of roommates is confusing you, let me state it more clearly.

I have three official roommates, Hailey, Kayla and Leslie. And then we have two psuedo-roommates, Ramona and Kerra, who just hang out in our room a lot. That makes six of us, so there's never a dull moment.

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