17 November 2010

Practical Praktikum

The most exciting thing that happened today is that I had my interview for an exchange / internship program in Eutin, Germany that is offered through KU's German department. As I understand it, Lawrence and Eutin have many exchange programs, and this is one of them. It would involve doing an internship in Germany for six weeks in the summer. I wasn't sure whether I would be successful in my application because I'm a freshman and I think they are looking for juniors. But I am a year older than most freshman and I can already speak German, so that can't hurt. I'm not expecting to be able to do this this year, but I thought that I might as well give it a shot and see where it goes. If if doesn't work out, it's possible that I could try again in the future.

So I walked in to the interview not knowing whether it would be in English or in German, but the professor there greeted me in German so I just went with it. Even though it's not much of a problem to hold up a conversation and answer questions and explain my views in German, I can tell I have gotten worse since I returned. Use it or lose it, as they say. Hence my main reason for wanting to do this internship anyway, which is to use my German.

Since I think my roommates are some of the only people that actually are reading my blog at this point, I will throw in another shout-out to them. They often say I am too practical when I shoot down their great, yet impractical ideas (but only in the most friendly way, of course). It just so happens that the German word for internship is Praktikum. So if the people making selections for the internship could hear from my roommates, they would know that they should choose me for the Praktikum since I am so practical. Get it? Practical, Praktikum. Okay, I'll stop now.

So the other most exciting thing that happened today was that I am the proud new owner of a hat and gloves made of alpaca wool! From Bolivia! Another roommate shout-out: the four (sort of five) of us from 104 are all Bolivian-friendly and have alpaca items. If we had taken a picture of ourselves with our alpaca wool gear, I would have posted it. But alas....

And the last most exciting thing of the day is that I got free food from the honors symposium! The honors tutorial classes were supposed to present their projects at this, but my group didn't have to do a presentation because it's sort of impossible to present what it was we did all semester. This mostly involved standing in front of one or two works of art and making connections with other ideas for an hour and a half per week. At the beginning we were all a bit confused about this, but once everyone got to know each other we decided it could be fun. And it turns out that it is fun, but the ability to look at that kind of detail and make those connections is something that came from practicing, strangely enough. And it's not really a format that can be presented in three minutes. So we didn't present, but I did get some food!

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