15 November 2010

The only reason I wrote this was in order to procrastinate.

Also because I just finished reading through the recent posts on the blogs of two of my roommates. What an inspiration you are, my friends!

I've heard it said that when you are procrastinating from doing a particularly nasty task, it seems like you actually get a lot of things done--they just happen to be things that you don't really need to do, at least not yet. And certainly not as much as you need to do that particularly nasty task. For me, the nasty task is all of my school-related work this week. I have a math project, a paper and presentation for my honors tutorial, a term paper and presentation for physics, a physics test to prepare for, not to mention my regular physics homework (probably the most difficult assignment of the year, according to the professor).

Physics is particularly stressful this week because 25% of my grade will come from this exam and paper. But if I could just stop writing on this post, and doing all of those other sort of unnecessary tasks I have been occupying myself with, I might actually have a chance at success. 


1 comment:

  1. I'm so happy I have been such an inspiration to you.
    I will be patting myself on the back all night. Just you wait.
    Now go eat one of those cookies.