18 November 2010

Hot / Cold

I live in a house that was built in the 1920s. Of course there have been some repairs done since then, but our heating system is still pretty old-fashioned. We have steam heat, which, once turned on for the season, cannot be turned off. And this is some intense heat. We "voted" to have the heat turned on a few days ago, when the 25th person out of the 49 that live here signed the petition.

I was cooking today around lunchtime and when I finished I was so warm from the combination of cooking and the radiators that I literally couldn't stay inside. So I left with nothing but my ID card to get back in and walked around for a while. Eventually I was starting to feel comfortably cool, so I went back and it felt like a sauna when I walked in the door. I guess some people like it this warm, but I don't. At least not yet. We'll see how it goes once the weather starts actually getting cold, i.e. snow.

Another special thing about Watkins scholarship hall is that our fire alarm goes off pretty frequently. This happened again tonight, for reasons unknown to me, but probably because of something burning in a kitchen. Determined not to lose time waiting outside for the all-clear, I grabbed my physics notes and book, tagged myself out, and went to the library to study for my test tomorrow.

I think the fact that these two items are what I took out of a presumably burning house (although fire alarms go off often enough that I didn't really expect a fire) is a sign that physics is taking over my life. Unfortunately this is all too true, at least until Monday when I turn in my term paper.

After that, I'll be home free.

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